Case Study

Enabling a Fast-Growing Start-Up Scale Their Tech Team in a Competitive Market
/ Tovuti

Group 88


Tovuti is one of the most respected eLearning platforms, focusing on career-advancing education.

Areas of Focus

Sourcing Enablement

Conducting Technical Interviews

Empowered Candidate Experience


The Challenge

Tovuti’s eLearning platform achieved immediate success by enabling advanced learning at enterprise companies globally. Coming off their Series A raise, they needed to grow their engineering and product teams - but they were very aware that their hiring process was not capable of scaling fast enough.

They needed to reduce their time to hire, improve their sourcing and interview processes, and refine their alignment on roles and requirements in the midst of one of the most competitive hiring markets tech has ever experienced.


The Solution

Artium partnered with Tovuti to reinforce best practices and brought an agile approach to enabling their internal hiring team.

Through implementing new recruiting tools and running in-depth training sessions with their internal team, we were quickly able to create a hiring process that was sound enough to support their scaling needs.

By utilizing our new processes and actively sourcing candidates, we decreased the time to hire from 53 days to 16 days - and at the same time, candidates reported a measurably better hiring experience.

“Artium delivered for Tovuti at a time when the company was in a pivotal growth trajectory. Artium's Talent Labs redefines talent acquisition, the likes of which is an industry shift that is already disrupting traditional recruitment practices.”
COO of Tovuti,
Michael Krause


The Outcome

We helped Tovuti source, vet, and hire 13 new members of their tech team, including an executive-level hire in their CFO to drive long-term financial growth and executive strategy. We transformed their hiring process and candidate experience and drastically lowered the time-through process to just 16 days (a 70% Reduction). We also trained and enabled their internal recruiting team to help them continue to iterate and improve even after we left, resulting in 40% growth in their engineering team since our engagement ended.