Talent Acquisition​

We believe that the best technology is created by the best people, and a good product needs an exceptional team. In order to fulfill your technical needs, we embed with your team to hire top technical talent that is deeply aligned with your company, culture and values.

Our recruiting expertise

Work with experts to hire your tech team

Whether you’re a startup ready to make your first engineering hire, grow your team, or an enterprise company needing to augment your internal recruiting resources, we can help.
We have a strong background in building high-performing teams. 

If you need technologists that are interested and versed in XP, TDD, pair programming, and agile methodologies, we have extensive experience in this arena. As needed, Artium Talent can administer robust technical assessments of your candidates.


Tovuti - Enabling a Fast-Growing Start-Up Scale Their Tech Team in a Competitive Market

“Artium delivered for Tovuti at a time when the company was in a pivotal growth trajectory. Artium’s Talent Labs redefines talent acquisition, the likes of which is an industry shift that is already disrupting traditional recruitment practices”

michael krause, coo of tovuti
Artium talks

Listen to one of our Talent Partners speak on how to run a good introductory recruiting call.

Brett Davis

Engagement Lead, Boise ID



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