Software Engineering

We believe in writing test-driven, well-factored code and releasing it in the tightest possible iterations to deliver value to users without delay.

Our engineering practices

What is Test-Driven Development?​

In test-driven development, small, simple yet specific test cases are written for each feature. The code is tested and tweaked until it passes and the next test is written. This methodology creates structure around understanding what is truly needed, enhances feedback loops, and minimizes the recreation of complex test scripts.


Starz - Custom Data Platform and Pipelines to Optimize Digital Marketing

“We knew the value we could unlock with this platform but attracting and retaining top tech talent is very hard. Access to master level engineers and product leaders give us a competitive advantage.”

avi bitton, svp of data
Artium talks

Principles to add automated testing to your workflow

Liz Johnson

Engineering, Los Angeles, CA



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