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    Putting the user at the center of product strategy

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  • RedBull

    Red Bull is an iconic global consumer brand, famous for its progressive and innovative attitude towards marketing and technology.

    • Areas of Focus

      Product Management

      Lean Product Strategy

      User-Centered Design

  • Why they needed help

    Red Bull wanted to build an internal app to help their events teams coordinate in real-time while onsite at a rock concert, extreme sports competition, or event that Red Bull sponsors.

    At the same time, Red Bull’s technology leadership wanted their internal tech team to improve and refine their software development practices and get an outside perspective on where they had room to improve.

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  • How we helped

    As we worked on the event app our developers taught Red Bull’s engineering team how to move over from a Gitflow style continuous integration to trunk style approach to CI and optimize their deployment process to their AWS cloud environment.

    This meant they were able to abolish the 3 day code freeze that had previously preceded every new release. We also taught Red Bull’s dev team how to do out-to-in TDD which greatly reduced the burden on the QA team every sprint. Our PM also taught Red Bull’s PMs to write user-facing stories in BDD/cucumber style to give their developers a much better understanding of what was needed and why.

Jon Walton, Red Bull Director of Engineering explains:

“During our engagement with Artium we shipped higher quality software at a faster velocity than normal and significantly improved our internal practices in a way that will continue to pay dividends long into the future.”

Jon Walton

Director of Engineering

  • Summary

    Red Bull Engineering Manager Corey Johnson explains: “We all really enjoy the new ways of working and the management team is completely bought into our process changes.

    “We continued functioning at a high level even after the Artium folks left because the new processes had become staples to us.”

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