Case Study

Increasing Designer and Developer Velocity While Hiring their Internal Team for a Highly Anticipated App Launch
/ Fun

fun app


Fun is a highly capitalized startup founded by silicon valley veterans. They created the world's first dating app to utilize the TikTok API to make engaging video-based profiles.

Areas of Focus

Design Systems


Swift Development / iOS Development


The Challenge

With such experienced founders, the Fun team understood that the key to a successful social app launch was to be uncompromising. They needed to make significant progress in design and development, all while maintaining the highest standards and at the same time scaling their core teams.


The Solution

Our product designers and iOS developers embedded with the Fun team to increase their velocity and instill best practices. Our designers started by creating a robust design system that made it easy for the engineers to translate each component into reusable code.

Our specialized iOS developers enabled Fun’s internal dev team to quickly gain expertise coding in the latest release of Swift. They also utilized Airbnb's Lottie animation framework to implement the design team’s micro-interactions without sacrificing load speed. While progress on the app remained steady, our talent team produced a strong candidate pipeline and hiring process to scale the internal team.

“Having Artium’s design presence has left this company better off and given us a solid base to become a truly impactful design organization.”
CEO of Fun, 
Farbood Nivi


The Outcome

Artium helped Fun with design, mobile software development (specifically Swift iOS), and technical recruiting. We also provided technical leadership consulting to ensure they have a solid technical foundation and a plan to enable the app to scale to support millions of users.

This resulted in faster development (thanks to a dev-friendly design system), a solid foundation for design iteration, stronger iOS devs, and a capacity to recruit the best devs and designers available.