3 Reasons Why TDD & LLM’s Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

For the past year at Artium we’ve been busy kicking the tires on all different forms of leveraging generative AI in the software development life cycle to boost speed, quality and the creative experience.  What we’ve arrived at is a collection of principles and practices called L.E.A.P. or “LLM Enhanced Agile Process”.  LEAP starts with […]

How can I stop my AI-enabled app from insulting my customers?

How can I stop my AI-enabled app from insulting my customers?

by cauri jaye on August 16, 2023 How can I stop my LLM-enabled app from insulting my customers? You want to build an app using all the benefits of generative AI. You set it all up, and you start to test it. Quickly, the cracks begin to show. It contradicts and argues; it tells wild […]

Human and AI Memory: Like Peas in a (Somewhat Different) Pod

by cauri jaye and ChatGPT on July 25, 2023 Have you ever wondered if your brain and that fancy AI language model you use have something in common? Spoiler alert: they do! Although human and AI memory systems are like apples and oranges in many ways, they share some intriguing similarities when it comes to […]

The Future of Data for AI: Building Inclusive Foundations Through Open Collaboration

by cauri jaye and Claude2 on July 19, 2023 As increasingly advanced large language models like Llama2, Gemini, and GPT-5 emerge, we have an unprecedented opportunity to shape their evolution by contributing diverse open source data. These models form the foundation of future models, their influence resonating into the future. By feeding them inclusive data sourced ethically […]

Surf’s Up, ChatGPT! Crafting the Perfect Wave of Writing Prompts

Surf's Up, ChatGPT! Crafting the Perfect Wave of Writing Prompts

by cauri jaye on July 17, 2023 Writing prompts are essential in guiding AI language models like ChatGPT to provide effective and engaging responses. A well-crafted prompt can enhance the AI’s performance, leading to a more meaningful, successful, and enjoyable user experience. 

Crafting AI-Powered Consumer Apps

Crafting AI-Powered Consumer Apps

Many apps based on generative AI have hit the market since November 2022. The lion’s share of these apps do nothing more than place a thin layer of an interface on top of the raw generative AI platform. We need to create deeper apps to survive the current gold rush. 

AI as the New Platform: A Cambrian Explosion

AI as the New Platform: A Cambrian Explosion

Well, folks, AI is finally here, and holy moly, it is real.  It’s the most exciting new development since the invention of… the iPhone app store?  The internet?  Written language?



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