Areas of Focus

Software Development, Define and Launch an MVP, Tech Talent Acquisition. Zeck is a cloud based platform that helps startup leaders collaborate on their board decks and materials.
Building an MVP and a Core Tech Team From Scratch to Change How Founders Communicate With Investors


The Challenge

The Zeck leadership team had previously founded and exited another startup, Crowdrise, and as part of that previous journey, they had worked closely with Artium leadership. So when they received their first funding round for Zeck they came back for more help – and this time they wanted help both building the initial MVP of their platform but also building out a core tech team. Their stated goal was to have Artium build the MVP whilst simultaneously also finding, vetting, and training a tech team to join Zeck full-time and over from us.


The Solution

When we first met with Zeck they had a vision for transforming the way leadership teams collaborate on board materials – but they hadn’t yet begun building the platform.

We worked closely with Zeck leadership to refine and define the MVP and then while our team started building it, we also sourced and recruited multiple developers and a VP of Engineering for them. These new hires quickly joined the team, ramped up, and ultimately took over completely.

“Artium helped us go from an idea to a startup. In just four months Artium built an MVP and hired a tech team for us - now we are entirely self-sufficient and while our engagement is over, it will always be a crucial chapter in the Zeck story.”

Founder and CEO of Zeck,,
Jeffrey Wolfe


The Outcome

When Zeck’s leadership team first met with Artium they had a high-level vision of how they could disrupt the way that teams collaborate and they wanted to build a software platform to realize that vision – we helped them build the MVP and a tech team to carry them forward into the future.



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