Areas of Focus

Robust Software Development, User-Centered Design, Talent Acquisition & Development. Wevr is the preeminent virtual reality studio known for creating the most cutting-edge VR experiences such as Harry Potter, TheBlu, and Jon Favreau’s Gnomes & Goblins.
Building a Version Control Tool Suite for the VR / AR Industry


The Challenge

The leadership at Wevr are veterans in the gaming industry, so they know there are serious problems with version control and collaboration for game design and development, and they envisioned a suite of DevOps tools they dubbed “GitHub for creators.”

However, as a gaming company, they lacked the expertise in product management, software development, and product design to bring this vision to life. Wevr also understood that once they launched this new product, they would need a software development and design team in place to continue their innovation efforts.


The Solution

Artium partnered with Wevr to take this new product from inception to launch.

Our PMs and Product Designers tested and iterated on each new flow to ensure that users would see immediate value from each feature prior to handing the designs to engineering to be built. This ensured that Wevr was on the right path without slowing down delivery.

Meanwhile, we helped Wevr hire the team they would need to sustain their new software division – by sourcing candidates and putting them through our proprietary design and development technical screening process.

To ensure that the Artium quality would continue past the project, our tech team then trained the new hires so they can maintain and build future iterations without our help.

“I’ve spent almost a year agonizing over this complex system and it was amazing to see the Artium really pick it up and understand the vision so quickly.”

Marcel Samek,
CTO of WevR


The Outcome

Artium enabled Wevr to get their MVP up and running quickly, build a team and implement sound and scalable product, engineering, and design practices. They were also able to generate tremendous investor interest in their new direction:

“The investors we spoke to who come from the gaming industry and understand the space are really excited about what they see.”

– CEO of Wevr Neville Spiteri



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