Private Suite

Areas of Focus

Areas of Focus, Software Development, Building a Tech Team, Lean Product Management. PS offers travelers the chance to skip the airport and board their plane from a nearby luxury suite instead.
Building a Software Platform and Tech Team from Scratch to Change the Face of Luxury Travel


The Challenge

Private Suite offers travelers a customer experience beyond compare – but their underlying technology didn’t initially match the standard of their service.

Customers often had to call in to make a booking and many revenue opportunities were being missed. Meanwhile, on the operations side much of their process consisted of manual repetitive tasks. But with no tech team of their own, they had previously been reliant on outside contractors and a collection of generic productivity tools and SaaS solutions.


The Solution

Right from our first meeting we asked them a fundamental question – are you just a luxury hotel at an airport? Or are you a tech startup that can scale quickly and change luxury travel all over the world forever?

Fortunately the PS executive and product team were always emphatic that they wanted to build not just a reservation and customer management platform, but also the tech team and inherent capability to go on iterating on that platform forever. The new platform is built and designed to allow customers to self-serve – and the manual tasks have been automated away. The new platform captures more revenue whilst also being more reliable and cost efficient.

“Artium helped us define the MVP for our new platform and then build it to a very high standard, ramp up our product development skills, hire our first developers, and build out a tech team. This partnership really transformed us into a tech company!”

CEO of Private Suite,
Amina Belouizdad


The Outcome

Private Suite launched their new platform to rave reviews from their customers and corporate partners – and they now have a small internal tech team that is continuing to build out new features on the platform as they look to bring their extraordinary offering to a lot more people.



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