Areas of Focus

Mobile AppDevelopment, XP Enablement, Continuous Discovery. Grailed is the #1 peer-to-peer online marketplace for luxury streetwear and vintage men’s fashion.
Optimizing for Scale in Preparation for a $60 Million Series B.


The Challenge

As one of the top fashion apps, Grailed struck gold in its initial launch with unprecedented product-market fit.

Between the Trust squad, the product squad, and the growth squad, Grailed had three highly effective departments, each addressing different business concerns. The executive team came to Artium to unify the practices across all three squads and to test and implement new agile methodologies to increase productivity across each department.

Their online marketplace already had a strong and passionate user base. Still, as their leadership looked toward the company’s future, they knew they needed to cement their core practices before scaling the team.


The Solution

Artium partnered with product and engineering to reduce cycle time, implement a front-end testing suite, and embrace the proven practice of pair programming.

We helped launch Grailed’s new visual feed by utilizing XP practices from inception through the successful release of this new feature set with hundreds of thousands of users.

This success helped cement these new product and engineering practices throughout the company. The launch of their new feed also helped pave the way for their $60 million dollar series B raise.

"Artium has had a major influence on my team, I'm always looking for the simplest make-it-work solution, and Artium has the same philosophy."

Director of Product at Grailed,
Matthew Spaulding


The Outcome

The importance of the new Grailed feed is explained by Co-founder & CTO Julian Connor:
“This is a big step towards providing every member of the community with a personalized experience that’s uniquely tailored to their tastes. Shout out to the dedicated dream team at Artium who made this happen.”



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