Assembled Financial

Areas of Focus

XP Software Development, Design Strategy & Implementation, Tech Talent Aquisition. Assembled Brands is a fintech startup focused on building a highly automated lending platform for consumer goods and DTC companies.
Building Product Design & Development Capabilities From Scratch


The Challenge

The Assembled Brands leadership team wanted to build a platform to help them automate their loan underwriting process – but they hadn’t built software from scratch before. Furthermore they didn’t have an internal tech team, or a clear picture of how the platform would work. However they did have a business hypothesis that their underwriting process was inefficient and a belief that software could change that.


The Solution

We started our partnership with a short discovery and framing phase to help capture as much information as possible about the existing process – and find every way we could to automate toil away. Once we had an initial understanding of what was needed, our team – consisting of a PM, a designer and a pair of software developers – led the process of building an MVP.

Simultaneously we helped Assembled Brands source and recruit their own tech team, and then trained and enabled them to become self-sufficient.

“We had a clear vision of how we wanted to disrupt the lending space - we just didn’t have anyone that could build the platform. Artium not only built something amazing with us - they also hired and trained a tech team that is now integral to our future.”

Co-founder of Assembled Financial,
Adam Pritzker


The Outcome

Assembled Financial started working with Artium to optimize their underwriting process, but they ended up getting something much more valuable, the capability to build software that help capture each business opportunity they discover from here on out.



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