Apeel Sciences

Areas of Focus

Software Development, Product Design, Lean Product Management. Apeel is an Agritech startup already valued at more than $1 billion that uses a proprietary organic food coating to extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Designed and Launched a Website to Help Customers Experience and Understand the Future of Food


The Challenge

Apeel is transforming the supply chain for fresh produce using next generation biotechnologies – and they’ve raised hundreds of millions of dollars from both venture capitalists and angel investors including Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon. But while their mission, valuation and cap table were all inspiring, sadly their website had an outdated aesthetic and user experience and they didn’t offer customers a chance to really interact with them.


The Solution

Our team, which consisted of two Software Developers, a Product Manager and a Product Designer, partnered with the leadership in Apeel’s marketing division to define an entirely new web based experience.

The new site had to be drastically improved not just in terms of visual design but in terms of user experience and interaction and architected to include not just new features today but a whole host of future features and functionality they have planned for the future.

“When we first met with Artium we already felt like our deadline was going to be impossible to meet - and that we would have to delay the critically important rebrand. But somehow we managed to get everything done and launch something we are incredibly proud of.”

Digital Marketing & Growth Manager of Apeel,
Molly Greathouse


The Outcome

The new Apeel site launched in time to meet a critical business deadline – and the new site not only impressed all the key stakeholders, both internal and external, it also set the foundation for our next stage of the partnership that will include a powerful range of web app features and functionality.



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