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Using Machine Learning to make hiring more equitable

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Suited is an A.I.-powered recruiting network designed to help the most promising candidates from all backgrounds access highly sought-after opportunities in investment banking and law.

Areas of Focus

Product Management

Lean Product Strategy

User-Centered Design

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The Challenge

The leadership team at Suited had many years of experience working in investment banking, so they understood the systemic problems at the heart of how those firms traditionally recruit for talent.

They knew that it was possible to use AI and data science to solve those challenges - but their early customers had a huge variety of feature requests and feedback.

Suited did not have the product leadership experience to distill the various viewpoints into a single, achievable product road map - everything felt like it was top priority.

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The Solution

Artium partnered with Suited to build a product roadmap and develop a product practice from the ground up.

That meant forcing the executive team to adopt product best practices and to think in new ways to identify, validate, and prioritize product features.

We helped Suited’s team develop new habits around customer interviews, feature prioritization, prototyping and experimentation, and internal communication around goals and timelines.

Our partnership with Artium transformed our approach by orienting around structured conversations with users which helped us discover valuable insights much faster.
Sam Fogarty
Co-founder and COO
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The Results

Working with Artium transformed Suited’s understanding of their customer and taught them to prioritize features strategically.

As their COO Sam Fogarty explains: “The clarity we got around product direction enabled us to hit an important release deadline that previously seemed impossible!”

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