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Learning and implementing XP best practices

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Red Bull

Red Bull is an iconic global brand, famous for its progressive and innovative attitude towards technology and marketing.

Areas of Focus

Lean Product Management

Extreme Programming

Design & Implementation

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The Challenge

Red Bull needed to create an app to enable their events teams to plan and coordinate in real-time while onsite at Red Bull-sponsored rock concerts and, extreme sports competitions.

As a secondary goal Red Bull's technology leadership also wanted their internal engineering and product teams to improve and refine their software development practices.

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The Solution

Our engineers were embedded in Red Bull's in-house dev team. While working to complete the mobile event application our senior developers simultaneously guided Red Bull's engineering team and moved them over from a Gitflow continuous integration style to the more solid trunk approach to CI. Our team also optimized their deployment process and their AWS cloud environment.

These new practices enabled them to remove the 3-day code freeze that previously was required before each new release. The embedded engineers also helped them implement TDD throughout the tech team. Which greatly reduced the burden on QA. Our embedded PM leveled up their internal product managers by teaching them best practices in maintaining their backlog and writing user stories. By enabling both Product and engineering teams we solidified these new practices.

During our engagement with Artium, we shipped higher quality software at a faster velocity than normal and significantly improved our internal practices in a way that will continue to pay dividends long into the future.
Jon Walton
Red Bull Director of Engineering
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The Results

Red Bull Engineering Manager Corey Johnson explains: "We all really enjoy the new ways of working and the management team is completely bought into our process changes."

"We continued functioning at a high level even after the Artium folks left because the new processes had become staples to us."

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