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Creating a two sided NFT marketplace for Major League Baseball

Marketing material: Obsess. Invest. Immerse.


Candy’s visionary approach to the NFT ecosystem changes how fans engage with their favorite sports. Their unique marketplace allows collectors to purchase officially licensed digital collectibles and trade them on a secure secondary market.

Areas of Focus

Design Systems & Component Libraries

Technical Discovery & Risk Mitigation

Product Launch with Agile Methodologies

Candy app screenshot of marketplace

The Challenge

Candy came to us with a pitch deck, a vision, a partnership with the MLB, and a deadline of just five months to launch their NFT marketplace!

Their initial launch required the creation of an NFT platform from scratch that could handle complex financial transactions at scale. Artium engineers evaluated a series of untested crypto technologies freeing their internal dev team to build quickly and confidently. Our designers created a design system that was translated into a react component library which enabled the team to create a first-class user experience without slowing development and time to market. Our PMs orchestrated the launch and tested each iteration to ensure the MVP was bulletproof.

Picture of a baseball player in a victory pose

The Solution

During the course of the engagement, we helped Candy realize their vision and launch the MVP. Our design and product crafts trained, enabled, and empowered Candy’s team to maintain and scale the product vision far past the initial launch.

Our partnership with Candy allowed them to launch weeks ahead of schedule and they were able to sell thousands of NFTs during the World Series.

Artium has been incredibly skilled and agile throughout the project. We needed to find our footing, but we also had to deliver; this created a lot of change and a lot of pivots. Artium was able to control the chaos and keep us focused on delivery while simultaneously scaling and training the team. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them.
Arin Loprete
Head of Product Design
Candy app screenshot of a single NFT drop

The Results

From the time of Candy’s launch to the end of the MLB season, fans purchased over $1,000,000 in NFTs. Their successful launch and fully enabled core technology team bolstered investors’ confidence in the team and the premise resulting in an investment of $100 million at a valuation of $1.5 billion.

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