We’re always searching for people who care passionately about their craft, embrace the humility of consulting, and consider themselves evangelists for software best practices.

Who we are

We’re software engineers, designers, and product managers dedicated to improving our craft through discipline, collaboration, and mentorship. We each take part in defining, evolving, and protecting our culture.


Honing your craft at Artium


A holistic approach to work-life balance, which we know is often rare within the consulting realm.


A holistic approach to work-life balance, which we know is often rare within the consulting realm.


Opportunities to engage with a diverse range of clients. Past partnerships include Disney, STARZ, Rollo, Apeel, Lionsgate, Corelogic, Redbull, First Responders First, EVgo, and more.


Full coverage of Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life insurance—for your family, too. 401k contributions to invest in your future.


Subscriptions to ClassPass, Headspace, Spotify, and two of the following: Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, or HBO.


Take time to recharge with three weeks of paid time off annually. Sick days, company holidays, bereavement days, and a volunteer day.

Our values


We care passionately about our craft, constantly challenge ourselves to improve, and deeply understand both the details and the purpose behind our work.


We embrace the wonder and the absurdity of being human. We strive to make the people who believe in us successful and improve our broader communities.


We swiftly decide and act from a foundation of realism. We welcome adversity and use it to drive our own growth.

HOW we work

Best Practices

We apply best practices, like pairing and agile methodologies, to every team to cultivate a more inclusive and collaborative workplace, both internally and with our clients.


You can make visible impacts because we prioritize feedback, ideation, and retros, from our small-balanced team projects to company-wide initiatives.


Take ownership of your career, projects, and calendar. We trust our team members to take responsibility and performance seriously, no matter their seniority.


We also provide financial support for career education – like books, networks, and conferences, encouraging you to find what you need to level-up. Because when one of us does, we all benefit!

In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, Artium equips me with the tools and opportunities I need to remain at the forefront of my field. I'm proud to be a part of Artium, where creativity, technology, and impactful solutions intersect."

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