The Fundamentals of Artium’s Culture

May 7, 2021

At Artium, we recognize the many facets of a company that must merge to drive and deliver successful outcomes within their respective realm. At a high level, these are our people, our customers, and the actual business. What cannot be underestimated is that a company’s unique culture keeps these relationships intact and is the north star to guide collaboration between them. 

Our culture feeds our identity, success, and happiness. Just as we take care of our health as individuals, we must consciously fuel our living, breathing ecosystem that is Artium. 

The following five concepts are the fundamental elements of that fuel. 

Acceptance of the Unknown

The courage and humility it takes to say “I don’t know” holds strength and power. This admission is a catapult when searching for answers. By explicitly identifying a new process or venture as an experiment, it gives those involved the freedom to truly explore, fall flat, or go beyond without feeling inhibited. We learn by doing, acknowledging when something is no longer working, and doubling down on what is working well. All of this starts with comfort in being uncomfortable, pushing our boundaries, and accepting the unknown. 

Strength in Vulnerability 

Vulnerability comes in all shapes and sizes. It can start with saying, “I don’t know.” “I disagree.” or “You’re right.” Admitting defeat or exposing yourself to uncertainty can feel isolating—but it ultimately connects us and makes us stronger—putting us in a position to learn from those around us. There’s so much conversation around vulnerability in the workplace and at Artium, we make space for it. The forces of nature that mingle with our lives are too powerful to deny, to assume we can simply drop those at the office door (or Zoom screen) is dishonest. We strive to create psychologically safe environments where every individual can be vulnerable, real, and thrive. We talk honestly about who we are and what’s going on. 

Respect for the Creative Process 

We talk a lot about Deep Work at Artium and how to create space for getting in flow, but it must be emphasized that we need to have periods of down time, slower productivity, and rejuvenation of the mind and spirit. We roll up our sleeves and work really hard, inline with our Grit value, but it’s important we balance that out by slowing down and recuperating. Our best work doesn’t always come when we sit down and force it, but when we’ve allowed ourselves to recharge and regenerate those creative juices to produce it. We must honor the internal pillars within each of us: our mental health, our physical health, our spiritual health, and emotional health. 

Recognize & Celebrate 

We’re doing it wrong if we’re not having fun. What we know to be true is that humans want to be heard and seen. When we’re doing good work or celebrating personal milestones, this must be honored and recognized. There is much in life to celebrate, and it shouldn’t be overshadowed by all that there is to do; there will always be something to do. When we let each individual play to their strengths and grow in that regard, we create an entire ecosystem of strong individuals. Also, we usually show up with champagne; it’s the ideal effervescent accompaniment to a job well done, a life event worth toasting, and any small or big win in between. P.S. We can teach you how to saber 😎.

Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership at Artium must be present in all corners of our business, and it is what allows for the pillars of our company to remain intact and authentic. We lead with intention, and we listen. We take responsibility for everything that happens within our purview. We empower our team to thrive on the individual level and partner with them on their growth, never losing sight of the mission of advancing the craft and those who serve it. 

- Elizabeth Gansen