The Origin of an Artium Tradition: Artium Pulse

December 5, 2021

Artium Pulse, Weekly Insights from our CEO Ross Hale 

I recently read about a tradition from another company (Coda, I believe) where the CEO sends out an email every Sunday to give an update on the week before and the general state of the company. I like the concept so I'm going to start adopting it. And as always: feedback, questions, comments, and requests for clarification are welcome!

Vision: Why Does Artium Exist?

This past week I had the opportunity in a couple of different conversations to describe the "Why" of Artium. As you all know our vision is to advance the craft of software development for creators, visionaries, and humanity. But there's a lot to unpack in that statement.

Fundamentally, I believe that humanity's best future lies in the mastery of our most important invention: the thinking machine, AKA computers. This is because most of the problems we face could be solved if we were simply able to make better decisions and better coordinate our actions. Thanks to advancements in the last hundred years, we have plenty of excess stuff -- food, shelter, education, etc -- to give everyone what they need to live so they can focus on a life beyond the basics. It's simply a matter of coordinating enough of us and putting our energy into the right places so that we can distribute that excess in the right way. Essentially, we have to become smarter and I believe it's software that's going to get us there.

And once we've taken care of the basics? People will be free to live a life in pursuit of self-actualization.  A life focused on craft and creation and collaboration. For those of us who create software, we will focus on building better, more beautiful applications with sounder techniques and methodologies. With that software capability, humanity will hopefully become smarter and more coordinated. Which will free up more energy to focus on craft. Which will yield more advancements in software and so on and so on in a perpetual iterative loop of human advancement, supported by our own external thinking machines.

That's why it's so incredibly important that we not only build great software but also advance the craft of software development and share it with our clients and the world.

News: CxO Coordination Cadence

One small piece of news from last week: We've decided to increase the frequency and coordination with which CxOs meet to tactically and collaboratively discuss engagements. The hope is by doing this we solve a few things:

  1. Faster action and awareness when engagements need support.
  2. Opportunities for Cross-CXO collaboration and problem-solving.
  3. Easier ramp up for new CXOs as we hire them.

My hope is that via this increased focus on the tactics of engagements we'll be able to increase the speed of iteration around how we prefer to build software. Something that is very important for every artisan to participate in. In a perfect world, we'd have a direct line of communication from every team to every other team. But, logistically, it would take up too much time and disrupt the actual building part (which is the most important part). So let's try funneling it through and across CXOs as the next iteration. The new cadence will be:

  1. Monday - CxO "IPM" where we review each engagement's current state and set targeted objectives for the week
  2. Wednesday - Allocations where we focus on any changes to teams and people
  3. Friday - CxO "Retro" where we review how each engagement progressed the past week.

That's it for tonight. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow, it's gonna be a great week!