2021 Predictions from the CEO

January 15, 2021
As we reflect on such an incredible year and the unique challenges that 2020 presented, everyone had to pivot and adjust to the new normal. Here at Artium many lessons were learned, new teams were built, and tenacity and grit paved the way for fresh development opportunities and tech connections. While we don’t know for certain what lies ahead, there are certainly a few indicators that give us an idea of the direction we’re headed. In our new 2021 Prediction series, we spoke with several of our team members to learn their 2021 industry predictions for what’s to come, not only in software development but design as well. Check out what our CEO, Ross Hale, has to share below:

Crypto is Here to Stay.

Bitcoin, as a store of value, has been adopted by enough mainstream players that it’s sticking around.
The price of bitcoin will continue to rise based on the strong brand and built-in scarcity.  Minor tokens will increase in value as well, but less so.
Distributed Finance will start to go slightly more mainstream with easier on-ramps for less sophisticated consumers.
The price will largely follow the stock market.

The ML / Data Engineering Replacement Economy Continues

Much like mobile apps and SaaS before it, software businesses not currently using streaming data and ML as part of their stack will either evolve to do so or be replaced by companies with that capability.
ML techniques (i.e. math) applied applied to “data exhaust” will produce some interesting new products.

The End of the Pandemic Will Drive an Explosion of Activity. Woo!

Most, but not all, software teams will remain distributed.
This opens up an opportunity for teams who, post-pandemic, go back to an in-person collaboration model to out-innovate those that are fully distributed.
It also means tools for distributed collaboration will continue to be a hot area.