Microgravity, FTW! Why Advanced Computer Chips and Cancer Treatments MaySoon Be Made… IN SPACE. Featuring Jana Stoudemire, Director of In-SpaceManufacturing, Axiom Space

“When we talk about future cities in space, it seems like they’re really far away. The truth is, it’s happening right now. We’re building those.” That’s the mind-blowing reality that Jana Stoudemire works in everyday at Axiom Space, a leading space infrastructure developer based in Texas. Axiom is building a successor to the International Space […]

How Monte Carlo Prevents Data Downtime, Featuring Founder & CEO Barr Moses

“This problem was so painful and so meaningful to people that I just couldn’t believe a world where a solution to this didn’t exist.” When Barr Moses identified the very costly problem of what she coined “data downtime”, she knew she needed to solve it. Barr is the Founder and CEO of Monte Carlo, a […]

Fighting Cancer With Data: Featuring Flatiron Health CTO Cat Miller

“Anyone who knows anything about drug development would say it is a slow and painful process”. Cat Miller is CTO at Flatiron Health, a software company that uses technology to “clean up all the gunk in the trials industry”. Flatiron helps researchers develop new cancer treatments by making clinical trials run smarter and faster. They […]

Exercise 2.0: Building Tech to Electrify Your Workout and Stimulate Better Results

“We haven’t invented a new way to work out since the ancient Greeks. With electro muscular stimulation, we’re breaking that.” Invention is a big part of everything Bjoern Woltermann did at Katalyst to bring electro muscular stimulation, or EMS, to the US market – and to US homes. EMS workouts have been around for decades, […]



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