We are software engineers, developers and craftspeople.

We founded Artium to help our clients build extraordinary software, and to learn and adopt best practices and methodologies of software development and engineering. We strive to create an open culture of successful collaboration, and future-fit teams, empowered by the highest quality technology and intelligence and harnessed creativity.


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At the heart of every technological advancement, there is a human mind envisioning possibilities, solving complex challenges, and daring to imagine the future.

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Ross Hale
CEO & Founder

A veteran technologist with more than 15 years of experience, including multiple CTO positions, Ross has worked in both high-growth venture-backed startups and in partnerships with major enterprise companies. Before founding Artium, he ran multiple Pivotal Labs regions, including its flagship office in San Francisco. 

Elizabeth Gansen
VP of Operations & Founder

Elizabeth defines, protects, and refines the culture at Artium. She optimizes for the eudaimonic fulfillment of everyone who works with us and for us. She plays a key role in our DEI&B practice and our partnerships with non-profits. She is truly the spirit of artium and her focus is on creating the most compelling environment for artisans.

Henry Meller
SVP of Strategy & Innovation & Founder

Henry is continuously exploring new approaches for Artium to redefine and reimagine how we can help our clients advance the craft of software development. He also leads our partnerships with AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and the venture capital community and startup ecosystem.

Our Values


In a world driven by continuous advancement, mastery is the cornerstone of progress. It bridges the gap between potential and realization, offering a rare and invaluable gift to those who embrace its challenges.


The value of humanity is an enduring reminder of our shared essence and interconnectedness. It encompasses empathy, compassion, and a profound recognition of the dignity inherent in every individual.


At its core, courage is the driving force behind progress and innovation. It emboldens explorers to venture into the unknown, artists to express their unique visions, and advocates to champion justice and equality.


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