A fundamentally different way to build software:

faster, smarter, better.


OUR services

We iteratively build and deploy high-craft software and empower your teams at the same time.

Premium Software and Solutions

Build, develop and deploy the highest quality software products, apps, services

Transformation and Capabilities

Train your teams, by working side-by-side with top-tier talent

Our focus

Our teams harness the power of an opinionated software development methodology to solve your hardest challenges.

Full Stack Agile Product Development

Our iterative approach encompasses the entire stack of technologies and skills required for its design, development, and continuous deployment.

Generative AI Applications

From new user experiences to the deep technical challenges of working with Generative AI, we build your vision for next generation AI applications.

Data Engineering + Data Science

Addressing the increasing complexity of data and data infrastructure by applying software engineering discipline to support the needs of data science.

Platform Engineering, DevOps & Cloud

Infrastructure Automation & Developer friendly platforms to support continuous delivery and a secure, robust, easy-to-operate system.


LLM Enhanced Agile Process

Helping Red Bull Accelerate Software Development Through Best Practices in Software Engineering and DevOps
Optimizing for Scale in Preparation for a $60 Million Series B.
Launching a Two-Sided NFT Marketplace for Major League Baseball in 5 Months in Time for the World Series

“During our engagement with Artium, we shipped higher quality software at a faster velocity, and significantly improved our internal practices in a way that will continue to pay dividends.”

Jon Walton, Red Bull director of engineering



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